The Kissing Bandit (1948)

Ricardo, the milquetoast son of a Mexican bandit, would rather lead a quiet life in Boston. But the family would rather that he follow in his father’s footsteps and become “The Kissing Bandit”.

UltravoKal (2019)

While on the run, Erwan, a young defector, meets Celia, a lost soul who joins him in his getaway. They are both trailed by an old man, Institoris, sent by the system to track them down and seize them, dead or alive.

Abate (2019)

Isabel, a young woman from Rio, receives the news that her grandfather Ismael’s farm, her place of affection during childhood, was sold by her parents without her knowledge. Driven by her veiled memories, she picks up her mother’s car at dawn and drives to the farm in an attempt to repair the past.

Cuba Scalds His Hand (2019)

Behind the scenes of the annual high school rodeo championship, Naudy Exposito, a.k.a. ‘Cuba,’ feeds the bucking horses and bulls. When an accident befalls him, he does what cowboys do best: work through the pain.

Sirio (2019)

A boy lives alone in the desert. He spends the day gathering firewood, waiting for an old man to provide him of the essentials to his survival.

Wanted (2019)

A fresh-faced deputy must choose between her duty and her feelings when the town bandit takes interest in her.