Mosul 980 (2019)

Disguised as an ISIS fighter, a young woman emerges from the trunk of a car. She is one of 3000 Yazidi women kidnapped from Mosul by the Islamic State in 2014 and sold as sex slaves. Now she is on the run, trying to find her way between ruins and corpses. Major hostilities seem to be over, but the situation remains dangerous. Single shots can be heard, along with detonations and radioed instructions – her persecutors are still on her heels.

A Ladder to the Moon (2019)

1916. René Carpentier is a young French farmer who must leave his home behind in order to fight the Germans and serve his country. On the other side of the great ocean, Canadian Nick Irving leaves behind the woman he loves to photograph the horrors of the War in Europe and to become a hero. Both characters will embark on a journey to the mud of the trenches of Verdun to fight the bloody battles of the Great War with a single purpose … return home.

Hibakusha (2019)

A short documentary that tells the story of the causes and effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Utilizing audio recreations and rare photographs and videos, including the use of U.S. Military training reels to visually display the bombing of Hiroshima, this story is told like you have never seen it before.

Susan (2019)

A mother Susan struggles with the daily reality of losing her husband Paul, who was fighting in Afghanistan. Despite her suffering and further traumatic events, she tries to stay strong for her young daughter Lisa and keep the love for her family alive.

To Paris! (2019)

An amazing story of tank crewmen who had gone through the war hand in hand and decided to celebrate the great victory in Paris. The friends, who had survived the dreadful experience of war, reached Berlin and set their eyes on a new course in life involving love, breath-taking adventures and their dream town Paris. The movie is based on real events.

Szabadok (2019)

The 22-year-old Antal is a member of the hated political police. In October of 1956, during the revolution in Budapest, he escapes the wrath of the people by fleeing to the countryside house of his aunt, a Holocaust survivor. Aunt Sára tries her best to mother him and divert the attention of battered Antal with an old favorite song. When the Soviets launch an attack against Hungary on November 4, Antal is determined to join them in order to get his revenge. But Aunt Sára’s song keeps ringing in his ears, no matter how hard he tries to push it away. He has an unbearable earworm. When the time finally comes for vengeance, his earworm gets the better of him. The song becomes a macabre dance of death…